Tuesday, 11 January 2022 - No. 66

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News & Interviews
Guillem Muñoz, from the Adsis Foundation, giving a workshop on the use of new technologies.
Guillem Muñoz: "We must limit children’s exposure to screens just as we do with alcohol"

The Adsis Foundation works to prevent techno-addictions with educational workshops for children and teenagers.

Elena Marbán is the national coordinator of WGH.
Women scientists facing up to patriarchal society

We interview Elena Marbán Castro, a scientist specialising in the field of maternal and child, and reproductive health.

Cup of color wants to empower people from all around the world living under hopeless circumstances.
Art inspires change in the hands of ‘Cup of color’

Cup of color is a non-profit organization from Switzerland whose goals are bringing hope and beauty by creating an oasis in places for those in desperate circumstances by doing murals with communities.

Tandem is a belgium project of CEV
Refugees and European NGOs volunteering, learning and changing the world together thanks to Tandem

Tandem is an initiative from the European Volunteer Center to get refugees, asylum-seekers and organizations learning, working, and growing together by helping as volunteers.

Overview of Trondheim
Trondheim, 2023 European Volunteering Capital

The city has been chosen ahead of the others candidates, the Italian town of Asti, the Portuguese city of Oeiras and the Maltese city of Birgu.

Damage caused by Typhoon Rai in the Philippines, impacting on Thursday, December 16, with winds up to 270 km per hour.
NGOs emergency relief for typhoon Rai: how to donate and help the victims in Philippines

Nearly sixteen million people are affected by the devastating consequences of the typhoon.

©EU 2021
Citizens building the future of Europe: Responding to volunteering challenges in 2022

Volunteering involves millions of citizens in the European Union acting out of solidarity for others.

States should commit to a Human Rights Based approach in addressing trafficking in human beings

The criminal justice framework often harms the rights of trafficked persons and related vulnerable groups, while its scope is far too limited to deal with the complexity of trafficking in human beings.

Human Rights under threat

10D is also a day of denunciation and surveillance, because the human rights are not yet guaranteed for many people in the world.

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