Tuesday, 06 September 2022 - No. 74

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José M. Alonso, Head of Content Options.
José M. Alonso: “We can make an experimental and life project to do away with plastics”

We interviewed the person in charge of contents at the Opcions cooperative, and he told us of the impact that single-use plastics have on both people and the environment.

Most of plastic packaging is not recycled.
10 proposals to remove plastic from our lives

Organizations and public administrations have an important role to play in reducing the consumption of plastics on a local scale, from public procurement to the promotion of infrastructures for local consumption.

Solange Traoré, president of the Hakilisigui Federation, explains the project to the Benkade Association, which is dedicated to producing Shea Butter.
Empower the women of Burkina Faso to live a life free of violence

The NGO NouSol works on the 'Empowerment from wisdom' project, thanks to the collaboration of the Hakilisigui Federation, to guarantee women their rights and duties.

The 'Caravan of Laughter' has sent seven expeditions to Poland since the Ukrainian war began.
Resilience and future through laughter

The 'Caravan of Laughter', the most genuine project of Pallassos Sense Fronteres (Clowns Without Borders), has sent seven expeditions to Poland since the start of the war in Ukraine to provide emotional support to refugees.

According to the latest IPCC report, half of the world's population is highly vulnerable to climate change.
Severe drought in Somalia affects seven million people in risk of famine

The emergency that affects the entire Horn of Africa has an impact on crops and livestock, causes a disproportionate increase in the price of food and strongly weakens the purchasing power of families.

 The Lviv EVCapital 2024 Candidate certificate was received by Vsevolod Chentsov, Ambassador, Head of Mission of Ukraine to the European Union.
Two cities aspire to be the European Volunteering Capital 2024

The European Volunteer Centre has announced as candidates the Italian city of Trento, and the Ukranian city of Lviv for the European Volunteering Capital 2024.

Nusa Urbancic
Delay, distract and derail: Investigating companies’ broken plastic promises

Plastic is increasingly invading more and more parts of our daily lives, especially in the packaging of all grocery stores.

Carles Alastuey Sagarra
Suicide prevention: the need to change strategy

The silence that surrounds suicidal behaviour has contributed to ignorance and stigma being the usual way of dealing with this tragic situation.

Claudia King, a writer for the climate foundation.
Marine Permaculture: Regenerating this Blue Planet to Combat the Climate Crisis

Marine Permaculture, as developed by Climate Foundation, is one example of human innovation that can regenerate and enhance the environment. 

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