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Sara Márquez, with part of the ASF team and community where they work in Mozambique.
Sara Márquez: "Our guiding vector is that the spaces we create guarantee human rights"

Arquitectura Sense Fronteres celebrates thirty years of work in the defence of human rights through access to housing.

The main objective of the centre is to ensure that the internationalisation of the Catalan economy does not cause environmental and social impacts.
Ensure good business practices to prevent human rights violations

Different entities from Lafede.cat and Taula per Colòmbia work to make the Catalan Centre for Business and Human Rights come true, an administrative agency for fighting against the negative impacts caused by the internationalization of the Catalan economy.

Spanish real military expenditure climbs above 27,000 million euros.
Centre Delàs exposes Spain's real military spending foreseen in the 2023 budgets

The latest report of the organization says that the expenditure is more than 27,000 million euros, a figure that already exceeds the objective of 2% of the GDP demanded by NATO.

The primary objective is the protection of children.
LGTBIQ+ legislative proposal in the EU: families on the way to recognition

In December, the European Union announced an initiative to recognize paternity uniformly in all member states.

Artificial intelligence is used in border controls to discriminate against migrants.
Civil society calls for the European Artificial Intelligence Act to protect people on the move

Over one hundred civil society organizations have submitted proposed amendments to ban the use of these technologies in migratory contexts such as border control.

The act of the European Capital of Democracy at Barcelona City Hall.
Barcelona, ​​European Capital of Democracy for projects such as Decidim and the Canòdrom

The city has been selected by a jury of more than 2,500 European citizens and a jury of experts among the finalists, out of thirteen candidates presented.

School Day of Nonviolence and Peace: 75 years since Gandhi's death

The nonviolence that Gandhi advocated and practiced has shown us that there are very powerful tools to fight injustice in a constructive way.

How do the conclusions of the Conference on the Future of Europe affect to the third sector?

How do the conclusions of the Conference on the Future of Europe respond to the needs of citizens wishing to take part in a spirit of solidarity and engage in volunteering projects/initiatives for the sake of contribution to the post-COVID19 recovery and overall resilience and defence of EU Values?

74 years for freedom, equality, dignity and rights

From a global perspective, the current situation of human rights doesn’t look very promising; however, there is room for action, there is still time.

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