The European event to discuss children’s rights

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  • Eurochild Conference 2016 / Photograph: Eurochild
    Eurochild Conference 2016 / Photograph: Eurochild.
  • Children / Photograph: Wikimedia
    Children / Photograph: Wikimedia.
  • "Sketch my rights" / Photograph: Eurochild
    "Sketch my rights" / Photograph: Eurochild.
  • Baby / Photograph: Eurochild
    Baby / Photograph: Eurochild.
  • Eurochild logo / Photograph: Eurochild
    Eurochild logo / Photograph: Eurochild.

From 5 to 7 July, Brussels will be hosting the Eurochild Conference 2016.

Why does Europe need to invest in children and their rights? This is the question that civil society actors, volunteers, researchers, practitioners and representatives from public institutions will try answering during the Eurochild Conference 2016, an event that is to take place in Brussels where discussions will focus on the rights of children and young people.

In this regard, children and young people will play a central role, not only as participants in the conference but also as organisers, speakers and facilitators of speeches. The event will be a meeting organised by the European network Eurochild, the Flemish agency Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) and the Office de la Naissance et de l’Enfance (Office of Birth and Childhood) from Belgium’s Wallonia region from 5 to 7 July 2016 that will bring together hundreds of people in Europe’s capital.

Participants wishing to attend may read how to registrate on the Eurochild website. Participation can be in one of the following modalities:

a) Sketch your rights!

Children are invited to send a drawing of a right that matters most to them. Drawings must be submitted by 15 April and the winner will win a trip to Brussels to attend the conference (with one accompanying adult). Drawings may contain illustrations, textures and may even be made using a computer. You may read all the information on the following link.

b) Bring a children’s delegation to the conference!

At this conference children will be able to talk directly to EU policy and decision makers. All organizations that are directly working with children are called upon to bring a children’s delegation to the conference by filling out a form. You may read all the information on the following link.

c) Would you like to organise a workshop?

The conference will focus on the following themes: education, early years, health promotion, family strengthening, social protection and welfare support. Three different groups of children (at risk of social exclusion, affected by migration or at risk of going into care) will be the central theme of a series of workshops where organisations and experts will convene to present their proposals to organise a 90-minute session. You may read all the information on the following link.  

The Eurochild Conference 2016 will take place at the Palace of Academies in Brussels. The European network of organisations working for children’s rights aims to raise awareness and respect in society for the rights of the youngest. For further information you may contact the conference coordinator Andrea Witt.

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