Claudia King, a writer for the climate foundation.

Marine Permaculture, as developed by Climate Foundation, is one example of human innovation that can regenerate and enhance the environment. 

Laia Virgili López

Traffickers and exploitation networks take advantage of the despair of the population leaving their homes.

Nusa Urbancic
Plastic is increasingly invading more and more parts of our daily lives, especially in the packaging of all grocery stores.
Rabih Torbay

Even if the war stops today, complex health-related challenges will linger, and Ukrainian health authorities will require a major external...

José Aristizábal García

In a country full of racism, classism, coloniality and exclusions, aren't large doses of love essential to overcome them? Is it not necessary...

 Elke Vandermeerschen

Europe has so far failed to take substantial action to ensure people’s access to adequate minimum income. We truly hope that this...

Maria Mathew and  Prerak Kumar

We as a society must educate ourselves and make it an LGBT+ inclusive society, to make world a happy place for all. We must be the change....