When a child tells an adult "I'm bored", can it be a sign that something is wrong?

Olga Olano and Marcela Macagno, along with other members of the association.

The Associació Infància Robada El Vendrell (El Vendrell Stolen Children’s Association) seeks to raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking and attends to all kinds of people who are victims of this invisible reality.

 NouSol has been running the Bobo-Dioulasso center project since 2018.

The Girona-based NGO NouSol has revitalized a Day Center for children and young people in the city of Burkina Faso.

Pilar Polo, the person in charge of institutional relations in the Vicki Bernadet Foundation.

The person in charge of institutional relations at the Vicki Bernadet Foundation says she has provided counselling to around thirty children since the start of the year.

The congress will take in consideration topics such as social protection policies in situations of poverty and vulnerability of families.  Source: Fundació Pere Tarrés

There will be keynote speeches and debates with presentations on methodologies based on exemplary cases.

Children, in the same way than adults and old people, have some rights that laws and public bodies need to guarantee.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was approved in 1989 and confirmed by 195 countries, recognises and safeguards children’s rights all over the world. 

Baby in the promotional video. Image: He For She

The HeForShe campaign wants to end gender inequalities and invites everyone to have their voice heard.

Sidi Si, at the center of the image. Photo: YAA

Youth in Action Association is a non-profit established in the community of Kédougou, which works on projects relating to children, health and community development.