UNHCR has launched an Education report that calculate the number of out-of-school refugee children and the situations faced by these children.

This year’s UNHCR Education Report focuses in particular on secondary education, the crucial yet critically under-resourced stage for refugees towards greater independence and improved prospects in life.

Easy-to-Read Association has been doing content adaptation and dissemination for 20 years.

The person in charge of communication at the Easy-to-Read Association (ALF) highlights that Catalonia has the largest amount of books published following the guidelines of this international movement after Sweden.

 Susanna Gómez is the president and founder of Children Of Africa.

For over 10 years now, Children of Africa has been working to dignify the schooling of children in Kinango, one of the poorest areas in Kenya.

Xavier Baró, president of the Ahead association.

The president of the Ahead association tells us about the projects in the organisation and how the poverty that is brought on by  the pandemic is affecting the most vulnerable groups.

Students from all over the world will work cooperatively to carry out a citizen collaboration project that promotes environmental and social justice.

The 2020-2021 edition of Oxfam Intermon’s educational initiative will be about the climate crisis. Students are going to look for new consumption habits that will terminate environmental and social injustice.

The survey ran from 21 April to 21 May 2020, covered 112 countries and received over 12,000 responses of people aged 18-34.

A survey shows how Covid-19 has affected Young people in areas such as employment, education, well-being and human rights.

Women earn 16% less than men.

UN Women has launched an infographic which informs about progress and challenges that women will face in a range of areas.

The irruption of the Covid-19 has had a bigger effect on the poorest and most vulnerable people.

The poorest and most vulnerable people have been the most affected by the effects of the pandemic all over the world.

The Babel Foundation is working to educate children in Senegal.

During the crisis of the Covid-19, the entity wants to ensure the maintenance of the teachers’ job posts in Kalasans School, Dakar.

Children are allowed to go out to nearby parks to play for 30 minutes a day in company of an adult.

The Programme Manager of Latin American Foundation For the Future (LAFF) talks about the effects of Covid-19 in Peru and how children are suffering the consequences. 


If the adults in a family are able to create a pleasant family ambience and can convey safety and calm, their children will also see it this way.

Frame of the Girl Rising film.

Girl Rising works with local partners by providing customized tools to build confidence and agency in girls and fight against gender discrimination.