Esther Vivas, journalist and sociologist specialized in feminist maternity and agricultural and food model.

The feminist motherhood expert and promoter of the Madres Disobedientes community accuses the socioeconomic system of imposing a model of motherhood that is impossible to assume.

Helena Dalli collecting the award in Brussels.
The European Commission has awarded the Catalan Regional Government with the silveraward for the special category on the promotion LGBTIQ at the European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Awards.
Laila Ajjawi, artist and advocate for the rights of migrants and refugees.

As part of the ‘Cities Defending Human Rights’ program, artist and activist Laila Ajjawi visits Barcelona to share the story of her art, her community, and to emphasize her identity as a Palestinian refugee.

Map of LGBTI human rights in Europe.

The war in Ukraine has led some LGBTI rights activists to expand their scope of action, but the historic tug-of-war over the visibility of the group continues in the region, which complicates the task of personalities like Olena Shevchenko.


Female migrant workers are an example of strength and perseverance who often go unseen by a large proportion of society.

Aisha is one of the participants in Farmamundi's videos to inform migrant women about sexual and reproductive health rights.

The Farmamundi organization launches this virtual tool in five languages ​​to facilitate knowledge of the Catalan public health circuit.

Migractiva Team.

The Sindicat de Cuidadores Sense Papers (Union of Undocumented Care Workers) has launched a campaign, Migractiva, to bring dignity into the work of female care workers and offer them assistance.

Frame from "Girls in uniform"

The association ILGA is paying tribute to all the lesbians from the past that are a reference for the present times despite the efforts to silence their voices in society.

Art therapy offers the possibility to provide these women with psychotherapy.

Expressing feelings and experiences through art is part of the recovery process for women that are treated at the Fundació Surt. Their works can be visited at the Galeria Atelier in Barcelona.

For every 100 men aged 25 to 34 living in extreme poverty in 2021, there will be .118 women

The UN says that the health, economic and social crisis caused by Covid-19 will widen the gender gap and that, for 2021, some 435 million women and girls will be living in extreme poverty.

Migrant women are one of the most vulnerable groups due to the pandemic.

Confinement is uncovering many of the inequalities that already existed before the health crisis which are now intensifying due to job insecurity and the digital gap.

Jamila Al Hassani, feminist writer.

The Moroccan writer, who lives in Catalonia, tells us about racism, xenophobia and prejudice, and how this is related to feminism.