It’s not me, it’s you: the campaign that will make you forget about plastic forever

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Júlia Bacardit -
  • Waste recollecting
    Waste recollecting.
  • One of the most endangered species
    One of the most endangered species .
  • Plastic bottles
    Plastic bottles.

The 5th June is World Environment Day, this year dedicated to the end of plastic usage under the hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution.

Each year 500 billion plastic bags are used and on average the world population buys a million of plastic bottles a year. The 90% of this million of sold bottles has plastic particles.

Tap water doesnt’ escape from plastic particles either: 83% of the running water over the world has microscopic plastic particles, because plastic takes about a hundred years to fully disintegrate.

13 million tones of plastic leak to the oceans every year. The constant plastic dripping causes the death of 100.000 marine animals. The tones of plastic are produced from oil, and the oil extraction processes cause environmental disasters that directly affect the living conditions of those living in oil rich areas.

The global population wastes around 17 million oil barrels every year to produce objects that in the 50% of the cases are only used once. As GreenPeace campaign #BreakFreeFromPlastic pointed out, it is particularly useless to cover fruits and vegetables with extra plastic wrappers.

Before fully disintegrating,plastic breaks into tiny pieces that stay in the ocean and affect the health of both marine animals and humans who eat fish.

These are data from the World Enviornment Day platform, which aspires to spread consciousness of the importance of environmental preservation andthe acquisition of sustainable habits on a world scale.

The World Environment Day, designated by the United Nations in 1974, focuses on a different subject related to the environment every year, and this year’s subject is plastic and our excessive usage of it.

Just like a couple breakup, the World Environment Day video campaign portrays a woman who talks to all the plastic products that have accompanied her through her life.

At some point, the woman ends up confessing she has met ‘someone else’, namely metallic thermos and cloth bags, objects that make excellent substitutes for plastic bags and bottles. Bye, plastic, our relationship is not working anymore.

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