Tuesday, 13 November 2018 - No. 30
News & Interviews
Food Emergency in Africa and Yemen.
Food Emergency Campaign for Africa and Yemen

The Catalan Association for Peace launches a Food Emergency Campaign for Africa and Yemen, with local organizations in Mauritania, Mali, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yemen.

'Palestine Beats' aims to give the voice to the Palestinian people and make them present in Catalonia.
A circular concert to launch the campaign 'Palestine Beats'

The Catalan Association for Peace wants to bring Palestine closer to Catalan citizens through its most popular cultural expressions.

Javier García leads in the grown the NGO 'Colabora Birmania'
Javier García: “There are very few resources to keep Thailand refugee camps”

García leads on the ground the NGO 'Colabora Birmania', an organization that helps the refugee population due to the genocide of the government of this country against ethnic minorities.

Marta cavallé is an expert in marine biology
Marta Cavallé: "The state of the oceans and the wildlife that inhabits them is worrying"

Marta Cavallé is an expert in marine biology and coordinates the artisan fishermen's organizations in the Mediterranean on the European Platform, 'Life Platform, low impact fisherers of Europe'.

Stronger youth voice in politics is necessary to offer a more positive speech.  Source: WOSM Flickr
‘My Europe, my say’, fostering youth political participation

A transnational campaign that will be launched in late January, will mobilise a critical mass of young people to gain awareness of their important role in shaping the future agenda of the European Union.

The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies was presented on 23th July.
Barcelona will host the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies

The Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia and the International Network for Social and Solidarity Economy RIPESS will organize the event, to take place in 2020 with 10,000 participants from around the world.

'Voluntourism': love for the other or love for oneself

Every year thousands of people from rich countries travel to poor countries in search of a solidary vacation. They want to make a difference, be part of social change and make a contribution to the welfare of humanity, and that desire is exploited by the market in the form of tourism volunteerism or voluntourism.

The values of memory

Recovering our memory is one of the elements upon which to build a people’s identity and to give it democratic and representative might, giving back a voice to those whom it was stolen from.

From poverty to energy injustice

To end energy injustice we need to guarantee rights, because vulnerability comes hand-in-hand with difficulties to access housing, and access to other basic services and utilities such as electricity, gas, running water, telephone services or the internet.

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