Thursday, 03 October 2019 - No. 40
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Jordi Armadans, the director of the Catalan organization Fundipau.
Each year, more than 2 billion dollars are spent on weapons worldwide

Jordi Armadans, the director of the Catalan organization Fundipau, highlights the importance of global governance and disarmament and demilitarization for peacebuilding.

Siria in 2011. Horns demos.
The world map of armed conflicts

The 2019 Alert report, prepared by the School of Peace Culture, records 34 armed conflicts around the world in 2018. Most of them are in Africa.

Some NGOs, the academia and other working groups are making big efforts so that climate-related causes are added to the grounds for seeking a refugee status.
Gigi Guizzo: "Only New Zealand recognizes refugees due to environmental causes”

Same World is a European project to raise awareness on environmental justice, dealing also with climate refugees. We talk to Gigi Guizzo from the Asceps association, and the person in charge of the project in Catalonia.

#MedFaces, an initiative to denounce the thousands of people killed in the Mediterranean
#MedFaces, an initiative to denounce the thousands of people killed in the Mediterranean

Stop Mare Mortum promotes this initiative with the idea of creating a work for each person who has lost his life trying to cross the borders.

Josep Artigas is living in Senegal since 1977 providing education to children and teenagers.
Josep Artigas: “I’ve been living in Senegal for over 40 years and I’m not planning to leave”

The Piarist father considers that cooperation organizations should monitor closely the projects implemented on the ground to ensure “they are in place for more than just 3 or 4 years”.

This year’s autumn edition will take place from 4th to 15th October.
The “Cities defending Human Rights” is back again in October

The project “Cities defending Human Rights” will start its second autumn edition in October with 9 defenders from several countries.

More opportunities, new challenges

Gaining presence in the media is a complicated task; but if you know the rules of the game and how media work, the possibilities of having an impact are greater.

The challenge behind explaining what we do

We need to be able to explain all of the services we offer clearly and why, in the case of the Catalan Social Volunteering Federation, we have almost 350 organizations from around the territory eager to join our family.

Peace, a collective challenge

Peace is an inalienable aspiration that must be addressed from a broad political and social approach and looking at the causes that shape inequality and injustice.

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