Thursday, 05 March 2020 - No. 44
News & Interviews
The European Mentoring Summit 2019 took place in Berlin.
Barcelona will host the European Mentoring Summit 2020

The Congress brings together academia, professionals, volunteers, public administrations, foundations and private companies in a major debate around mentoring from the 7th to the 9th of October.

Berlin was announced as the European Volunteering Capital 2021.
Will your city be the next European Volunteering Capital?

CEV calls for applications for the title of European Volunteering Capital Competition 2022.

BforPlanet aims to engage business, institutions and organizations to achieve the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
BforPlanet: the new conference on SDGs

The conference will be held in Barcelona and will focus on sustainability and the engagement of organizations and the administration to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Is the worst plague of desert locust in Kenia in 70 years.
Plague of desert locusts in Africa: an international threat

FAO warns that insect swarms could increase their size and destructive potential, as well as they could spread to other countries in the continent if they are not intensively controlled.

Dr Pere Barri founded the Genital Reconstruction Program.
Dr Pere Barri: “Surgery on women subjected to female genital mutilation should include psychological support”

Dexeus Women Foundation’s genital reconstruction post-female circumcision program offers free of charge surgeries for women subjected to mutilation in their home country in order to recover genital sensitivity and appearance

The attendants will have the opportunity of hearing from 50 speakers from a range of charities of different sizes .
Adjust your fundraising strategy to new demands

The Third Sector’s Fundraising Conference 2020, which takes place on 20-21 May at the London ILEC, will be a great chance to share knowledge and discover practical solutions to the fundraising challenges.

Striking at 8th March? Problems and challenges of feminism in Europe

The push for more equality and rights has been so successful that ultra-conservative people (mostly white men) feel threatened by it.

8th March: a good time to revisit our privileges

Feminism only makes sense if it is diverse and includes all the different struggles. It is important to revisit our privileges and to consider if we’re leaving any less privileged group out.

Energy is a right: our dignity and life depend on it

We will never deny children access to school or a doctor, even if their families cannot afford it. Instead, we live in a system that forces the families of this children to assume unaffordable supply bills.

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