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Francesc Terns:
Francesc Terns: "Most of the world's problems are not solved by governments, they are solved by the people first"

Co-founder of Barcelona-based NGO Health Warriors tells us why they reoriented their project towards helping refugees from the war in Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already caused more than a million refugees.
8 things to consider when sending donations to Ukraine, or any other emergency

Organizations such as the Fundación Lealtad and the Pan American Health Organization have developed documents with some tips for providing assistance and making it as effective as possible.

Blanes Solidari is an organization that will turn thirty years old this year.
Tasio Pulido: "The only possible solution to the problems of migrants is regularization"

Blanes Solidari is an organization that has been involved in many social causes and has worked to promote diverse organizational spaces over its almost three decades of existence.

The project was born after Saúl Sancho volunteered in a refugee camp in Greece.
Saúl Sancho: “Personal hygiene and image are also basic needs”

Tijeras Solidarias, run by Saúl Sancho from Badalona, is an NGO that started off in refugee camps in Greece, offering haircuts, treatments and combing to refugees in the camps.

Participants in one of the theater workshops of the ACTin'YOUth project.
Acting is a great ally for social inclusion

ACTinYOUth is an international project to empower youths through acting and ICTs. The idea is to develop acting workshops for social inclusion of youths coming from different cultural backgrounds and at risk of social exclusion.

Setem Catalunya organized Mobile Social Congreess to offer a critical approach to today’s technology.
7th edition of the Mobile Social Congress

SETEM Catalunya’s campaign on “Fair Electronics” offers a critical approach to today’s technology and the way it is produced and consumed.

Josep María Pocino Moga, Lawyer and president of the Associació d'amics del Sàhara de les terres de Ponent.
Land mines in Mariupol?

Where is the 1997 ban, the Ottawa Treaty, as an overcoming of the amendment to Protocol II to the Geneva Conventions that was useless in banning land mines? What is the situation with demining once the conflict is over?

Fighting Energy Poverty with social policies only: the leaky bucket and how to stop it

EAPN and EPSU call for making the right to Affordable, Clean Energy for all a reality across Europe.

Nuclear war in Europe?

A nuclear exchange would be catastrophic, and nuclear war between the US and Russia would present an existential threat.

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