Tuesday, 04 June 2024 - No. 95

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News & Interviews
Xavier Adsarà is the director of FNPH in Spain and the president of the organization at the European level.
Xavier Adsarà: "In Haiti, there is a permanent violation of human rights and absolute impunity"

We speak with the director of the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Foundation in Spain, and president of the organization in Europe, about the work the foundation has been doing in Haiti for decades.  

Eva Erill is the director and founder of Solidarios Sin Fronteras.
Eva Erill: "Who will support a project to help a conflict-ridden country that no one talks about?"

The director of Solidarios Sin Fronteras, the only Catalan and Spanish NGO working in Yemen, denounces that the conflict in the Arab country is the most silenced and forgotten on the planet.

Ignacio Fresco, Political advisor to Oceana in Europe illegal fishing and transparency campaign in Europe.
Ignacio Fresco: "Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing has multiple negative impacts on marine ecosystems"

Ignacio Fresco Vanzini, Political advisor to Oceana's illegal fishing and transparency campaign in Europe, shares with us the aims of Oceana's organization. 

Karen Horting, CEO and Executive Director of Society of Women Engineers.
Karen Horting: "Almost 40% of female engineers leave the engineering workforce by midcareer"

Karen Horting, CEO and Executive Director, shares the aims of the Society of Women Engineers to "empower women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders".

60% of Congolese people live in extreme poverty.
51% of Congolese women have been displaced by armed conflict

Democratic Republic of Congo is living trapped in structural violence from armed militia that has forced millions of persons to be displaced.

Almudena Barbero works in South Sudan developing projects with children and education.
Almudena Barbero: “We all need to feel that we are important for someone and that if we go, we will be missed”

Almudena Barbero, the president of Nzuri Daima Foundation has been working for three years in one of the most conflictive areas in South Sudan, a territory marked by hunger and child suicide.

Paula Brines i Blasco
The European student movement calls political parties to prioritise students and higher education

The European Students’ Union and its members put forward 24 proposals for the 2024 European elections. 

Leena Ylä-Mononen.
From policy ambition to environment and climate action in Europe

Environmental degradation and climate change are impacting us all — our health, economy and society. To address growing challenges and impacts, Europe has set ambitious policies and targets.

Pere Brunet
Is it possible to reverse the warmongering escalation?

"Both wars and militarization and military escalation are hypocritical smokescreens to hide the business of the military industry, the arms trade and the protection of privilege."

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