Last days of the open call to ‘Ready, Set... Peace Action!’ stay in France

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Júlia Bacardit
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Open call for participants to the event ‘Ready, Set... Peace Action!’ that will take place in France from the 15th to the 20th October

‘Raising Peace’ is a campaign that seeks to strengthen and improve the International Volunteering related to peacebuilding processes and human rights. To do so, the program trains activists and volunteers once a day for some days. 

The first step of the ‘Raising Peace’ campaign was a previous course related to Media and Human Rights that took place in Hungary on 2017. The second part of it all is the upcoming ‘Ready, Set... Peace Action!’, which will host 26 participants in Amiens, France.

The objective of this second event that will take place in Amiens next October is to share alternative inspiring narratives regarding Human Rights challenges. As the project is linked to Communication, the most suitable applicants will be bloggers interested in Human Rights.

All food and housing expenses are covered, included the plane ticket. The stay will include workshops, interactive seminars and many other activities, and everything will be part of the Global Human Rights Week. If you want to apply fill in this online form and send your CV to this email direction before the 3rd September.

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