Lorraine Leete

Lorraine Leete, defender of the rights of migrants and refugees and coordinator of Legal Center Lasvos, denounces the treatment towards migrants who are abandoned at sea.

Esteban Marín Pérez

Innovate in the democratization of culture not only as a tool for access to it, but to strengthen capacities and faculties in the citizenry...

Jackie Mellese

Jackie Mellese (communication manager, Mental Health Europe), highlights the importance of reducing discrimination and stigma...

Today there are 2.3 million Indians living with HIV and Pravin Mutyal, Snehalaya's director, explains us the actual context and the role...

The state of Climate Emergency arises because we must act now to prevent the multiple points of no return from being activated.

Sandra Canudas, manager of the Diabetes Association of Catalonia (ADC).

How can we prevent the spread of a disease whose cause is still largely unknown, although genetic and environmental factors play a large role...

Many studies point at stress as a risk factor for developing a mental disorder.