Properly instituted, a charity regulator would increase public trust and confidence in the third sector.

10D is also a day of denunciation and surveillance, because the human rights are not yet guaranteed for many people in the world.

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Volunteering involves millions of citizens in the European Union acting out of solidarity for others.

To achieve a just and equitable recovery, it is urgent to abandon the piecemeal approach maintained until now and develop policies that...

The crisis is clearly showing us that an adequate and sustainable social protection system is needed in Europe.

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The short-term wellbeing costs of COVID-19 have been severe. The pandemic is having profound effects on poor and marginalized groups, ...

Francesc Álvarez, Direcor of Medicusmundi Mediterrània.

The Conferences on Gender Violence and Health has been dedicated to the role of the media in dealing with this global problem with ...