Imagine All the People, a non-profit initiative to change the world

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  • Imagine. Photo: Wikimedia
    Imagine. Photo: Wikimedia.
  • On the left, John Lennon, author of the song Imagine. Photo: Wikimedia
    On the left, John Lennon, author of the song Imagine. Photo: Wikimedia.
  • The aim of the project is people sharing different ideas. Image: Public Domain Pictures
    The aim of the project is people sharing different ideas. Image: Public Domain Pictures.

The Imagine All the People project is aiming a world living in peace without possessions, religions and countries to be achieved in 2222. 

It is no shock to anyone that there are wars between countries, poverty among populations, or religious persecution. Although these are major problems that have taken over our world, people have grown to live with them. With that being said, The Imagine All the People.World Project was founded by a group of believers who would like to make a world like this happen in 2222. They were inspired by the song "Imagine" and its beautiful lyrics that claims for a world living in peace. Their solution to these issues is giving to people a powerful tool that helps them out to discover new ways to cooperate and make this new world happen.

The Imagine All the People Project is a non-profit initative that would like for people to take a moment and imagine for themselves. They ask them to imagine a world where possessions are not a part of everyday life, to be free of materialistic problems, as well as be free from national borders. In their world, money is not an object, and wealth is communal and shared all of society. A world like this can sometimes be difficult to even think of, as it is so against everything we stand for. There are people who die for their country, who have died for their religion, and who do not live because they only work to make a dollar. These are things people have given up their lives for, and many people might wonder how can there be a world without them. This project proposes those who are with them to imagine and share ideas in order to make people work together to come them true.

This project offers the world to try out something new. To try a world where these things do not exist, and where there are no GDP levels, but happiness is measured instead. In this new world, Imagine works to rid religion, erase borders no borders, and to live without possessions. The project believes that this way, the world will be at a happier state of mind. It is true that many problems in the world arise from religion, borders and money, and Imagine proposed that a world without these would make for a better place to live. Although there is no one way to make this idea come true, and although it would take many years, Imagine believes that it could happen with the help of small ideas to make the world steps closer to their ideal world.

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