armed conflict

The Taliban have declared an end to the conflict and proclaimed the Islamic Emirate.

The rise of fundamentalists threatens to aggravate the situation of a civilian population that has been severely punished by years of conflict resulting from collective irresponsibility.

Siria in 2011. Horns demos.

The 2019 Alert report, prepared by the School of Peace Culture, records 34 armed conflicts around the world in 2018. Most of them are in Africa.

The bomb attack occurred against the General Police School of Santander (Bogotá).

The Catalan Board for Colombia regrets that the bomb attack on January 17 serves as an "excuse" to prevent peaceful solutions to the country's armed conflict.

Antoni Soler is currently the president of FundiPau

Interview with the president of FundiPau to discuss the concept of world peace and how to resolve non-violent conflicts.


The République du Cameroun’s military have been throwing bombs, killing people with impunity, raping university students and burning villages down in Southern Cameroons.