Human rights

Five countries received the 40% of the displaced people.

UNHCR has published the report ‘Global Trends: Forced displacement in 2020’ that shows the number of displaced people all over the world.

Rainbow Europe, is ILGA Europe’s annual benchmarking tool that includes the Rainbow Map, and Index and national recommendations.

ILGA Europe has released its ‘Rainbow Europe Map’ showing a worrying setback in some countries and a general standstill with regards to the rights of LGBTI people.

The European Union (EU) finally gave the green light to a Covid certificate or passport, which will facilitate travel around Europe from July 1

Covid certificates face the challenge of facilitating international mobility and economic recovery while not deepening inequality and respecting privacy.

The CIE of the Zona Franca has prevented the visits of relatives and entities since it reopened after the pandemic.

Various organizations and groups encourage to mobilize against these spaces and demand an end to institutional violence.


As the UNHCR Global Trends report marks another sad record with 82,4 million refugees and internally displaced, the European contribution to ensure protection remains disproportionately modest. 

Kurdish women are the leaders of the Kurdistan liberation movements.

Leaders of the Kurdish people's liberation movement, the women of Kurdistan, the largest stateless region in the world, are approaching feminism and gender equality through their struggles.

Salam Al-Maslamani, member of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia and the Catalan Association of Jews and Palestinians – JUNTS (TOGETHER).

New attacks have re-ignited the historic conflict between Palestine and Israel. Dozens of people have been killed in a wave of violence in the area in recent days.

Laura Lorenzi, president of Taula Catalana per la Pau i els Drets Humans a Colòmbia (Catalan Table for Peace and Human Rights in Colombia).

Colombia is in a state of social emergency due to the reaction of the authorities to people’s opposition to the government’s tax reform proposal.

Médecins Sans Frontières, at Cox's Bazar camp.

We talk about the plight of the Burmese minority with the MSF coordinator in Bangladesh, where nearly a million people are taking refuge.

Vivir Sin Miedo it’s a campaign that aims to end sexism and gender violence by educating and empowering women.

To educate women and end the beliefs that foster sexism and violence, the campaign offers workshops and actions to educate on equality and dismantle the myths of romantic love. 

Children participation is essential for them to be aware of their own rights.

Esplais Catalans (Esplac) presents a new international project focused on human rights and children's participation so them become aware of their environment and their rights.

Countries and companies who deal with Morocco in exploiting the Saharawi resources are pushing Morocco to more human rights violations.

We have talked with Mahfud, member of the campaign team, to discover more about the current situation in Western Sahara and to know why they decided to launch the manifesto.