Human rights

Karim Sabni, spokesman of Girona Acull.

Girona Acull was born four years ago to defend and guarantee respect for the human rights of refugees and to call for an urgent change in the current legislation.

Refugee camp in Western Sahara.

The report ‘Voices from confinement and occupation’ drafted by the ODHE explains the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in Palestine and Western Sahara.

Kristian Herbolzheimer, director de l'ICIP.

The International Catalan Institute for Peace reflects on the state of peace in the world and shares how Covid-19 has favoured and harmed the construction of a non-violent society.

AFNE is an association of families adopting children from Ethiopia that was established in Barcelona in 2003.

The board member of AFNE explains the projects carried out by the association in Ethiopia and how today’s health crisis is affecting them.

Maria Sol Taule in a recent image on her social networks.

The Karapatan organisation and alliance has been fighting for years against various governments in the Philippines to defend human rights, which have been constantly violated in the South Asian country.

Xavier Baró, president of the Ahead association.

The president of the Ahead association tells us about the projects in the organisation and how the poverty that is brought on by  the pandemic is affecting the most vulnerable groups.

The European Pro Bono Week takes place from 23 to 27 November.

Pro Bono Week celebrates the role played by volunteer lawyers, all across Europe, in supporting civil society and human rights organizations and promoting access to justice for those in need.

In Poland, government is violating the fundamental rights of LGBTI people.

International human rights organisations, and more specifically those defending LGBTI rights, show their concerns about how some states are systematically violating human rights, and others are rolling back some of these rights.


The role of volunteering to combat the stigmatization of refugees and migrants will be the central theme of CEV's Autumn Volunteering Congress 2020.

For every 100 men aged 25 to 34 living in extreme poverty in 2021, there will be .118 women

The UN says that the health, economic and social crisis caused by Covid-19 will widen the gender gap and that, for 2021, some 435 million women and girls will be living in extreme poverty.

Abdou Sissoko managed to cross the Mediterranean and reached Malaga.

We talks with Abdou, a malian who managed to cross the Mediterranean and reached Malaga.

The effects of the health crisis could raise the number of people suffering from food insecurity to 130 million.

Action Against Hunger is concerned about the economic and social consequences that could raise the number of people living in a state of severe food insecurity to over one billion in the foreseeable future.