We need a Feminist Europe that will safeguard the human rights of women, because we are persons, with the right to live our lives freely, free of violence and in a society where everyone has equal opportunities and free of privileges.

The Nature Conservancy has identified 10 groups that are decisive for the environment in 2019.

Teenagers, women, healthcare professionals or people working with farming are among the 10 NGOs that The Nature Conservancy considers key to defend the environment.

The campaign 'My game my name' denounces sexual harassment which female gamers are exposed.

Insults and sexist comments just for being girls. This is what girl games experience day after day. A campaign has denounced this, to get male gamers to stand in their shoes.

Moroccan mothers in the Prodema project

The local association Casal dels Infants del Raval leads an education project in Beni Makada that helps more than 450 girls

Clara Garcia - Font: Beartsy.org

Clara Garcia Ortés is the voluntary president and project manager at Be Artsy, a non-profit association that develops creative projects for communities lacking access to provide training and experiences.

Baby in the promotional video. Image: He For She

The HeForShe campaign wants to end gender inequalities and invites everyone to have their voice heard.

Girl using a tablet

Over 50% of the world population uses the Internet. 2016 is the year this incredible hallmark was reached. But what happens with the other half?