Which are the most peaceful countries in the world?

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  • Global peace index 2016 / Infographics: KBK Infographics
    Global peace index 2016 / Infographics: KBK Infographics.
  • Peace / Photograph: Patrick Harris
    Peace / Photograph: Patrick Harris.
  • GPI 2016 / Photograph: Twitter
    GPI 2016 / Photograph: Twitter.

Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Portugal are at the top of rank in the 2016 Global Peace Index.

Overall, the world is becoming less peaceful, and only some countries enjoy greater peace now than ever before. This would be the main conclusion of the 2016 Global Peace Index (GPI), which measures, using 23 indicators, what is the peace situation in 163 countries worldwide. Or, to put it in other words: inequality in the world in terms of peace has increased depending on the part of the world where one lives. Among the conflicts making the planet a less peaceful place, according to the report, we find wars, terrorism, economic crisis, the exodus of refugees, social cutbacks, environmental disasters…

Prepared by the Institute for Economics and Peace together with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and other experts, the GPI map uses colours to show the most peaceful and the most violent countries. In a nutshell, the data contained in the report reveal that the world today is 2.4% less safe than in passed decades.

The outcomes of the GPI show how peace in a given region is linked to the level of income, education and regional integration. Moreover, the most peaceful countries enjoy a high level of transparency and low levels of corruption. The main factors used to measure the level of peace are: Militarization, Society and Safety and Domestic and International Conflicts.

Spain comes 25 in the ranking, with a score of 1.9/5 for Militarization; 1.9/5 for Society and Safety; 1.1/5 for Domestic and International Conflicts and an overall score of 1,604 in the GPI. According to the study, the repercussions of violence in terms of cost amounts to some $39,051,951,887.

Compared to the most peaceful country, Iceland, scores 1.3 for Militarization; 1.2 for Society and Safety; and 1.1 for Domestic and International Conflicts, with an overall score of 1,192 in the GPI. For Iceland, the cost of violence amounts to $242,372,499. A comparative for these two countries is available on the following link. In fact, Iceland is at the top of the ranking of the most peaceful countries since 2008. In this regard, the Global Peace Index is a study that has been done and published since 2007.

Ranking of most peaceful countries   Ranking of most violent countries

1. Iceland

2. Denmark     

3. Austria

4. New Zealand

5. Portugal

6. Czech Republic

7. Switzerland

8. Canada

9. Japan

10. Slovenia

1. Syria

2. South Sudan

3. Iraq

4. Afghanistan

5. Somalia

6. Yemen

7. Central African Republic

8. Ukraine

9. Sudan

10. Libya


What is the situation in the major powers and in Latin America?

Germany ranks 16, and is especially harmed by the exports of conventional weapons. France comes in position 46, with a negative score for arms exports and the impact of terrorism. Russia ranks 151, China 120, India 141, the USA 103 and Brazil 105.

As for Latin America, Colombia would be the least peaceful country, ranking 147, followed Venezuela (143), Mexico (140) and Guatemala (117). As for the most peaceful countries on the Latin American continent, we find Chile ranking 27, followed by Costa Rica (33), Uruguay (35) and Panama (49).

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