Violation of human rights

The Tigray conflict has left more than 350,000 in a state of extreme famine.

Hunger, repeated human rights violations and ethnic hatred are all part of the Tigray conflict, which is shaking up the north of this country in the Horn of Africa.

‘The prize is not a medal, it is saving your life’ is the slogan of the ‘Change the rules’ campaign.

La Comissió Espanyola d'Ajuda al Refugiat (Spanish Commission for Refugees) demands that the authorities guarantee the rights of migrants and refugees.

The CCASPS has issued a statement in relation to the diplomatic conflict between Spain and Morocco.

Coordinadora Catalana d’Ajuntaments Solidaris amb el Poble Sahrauí (CCASPS) denounces the relationship between Spain and Morocco in the management of the conflict in Western Sahara.

The CIE of the Zona Franca has prevented the visits of relatives and entities since it reopened after the pandemic.

Various organizations and groups encourage to mobilize against these spaces and demand an end to institutional violence.

Kurdish women are the leaders of the Kurdistan liberation movements.

Leaders of the Kurdish people's liberation movement, the women of Kurdistan, the largest stateless region in the world, are approaching feminism and gender equality through their struggles.


How are we not outraged regarding the treatment that refugees receive in Lesbos by the police and xenophobic groups? How can we accept this obvious proclamation of a permanent state of emergency against people seeking asylum?

Over the last few days, images of the Greek army prohibiting the entry to thousands of migrants from Turkey have spread like wildfire.

David Bondia, president of the Catalan Institute of Human Rights says that the Geneva Convention is designed for extremely risky situations to human life, hence its suppression does not make any sense.

 63/5000 Indigenous village of the 'Yanomamis'. Source: Survival International.

Survival International denounces that thousands of furtive search engines are invading indigenous lands by spreading malaria and contaminating mercury rivers.